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GNSS for INnovative road Applications

GoTriple's project summary

Galileo / EGNOS can be key to reduce the negative impact of road transport and offer new business opportunities. Of particular interest is road pricing and other applications (PAYD, VAS…).The GINA project addresses the adoption of EGNOS/Galileo in the road sector considering technical feasibility on a large scale, economic viability and positive impacts in aspects such as congestion and pollution.The project builds on 4 pillars:1.Analysis of the context (legal, regulatory, interoperability, standardisation) for a nationwide GNSS-based road pricing solution (and VAS on the same platform)2.Analysis of business aspects to guarantee commercial deployment of these applications3.Implementation of a large-scale demonstrator of GNSS-based Road Pricing at national level (complying with Dutch Government requirements) and VAS (PAYD and traffic information services)4.A solid dissemination strategy towards different stakeholders.In parallel, GINA pursues complementary objectives:·Liaison with related standardisation activities·Demonstration of the benefits of EGNOS in enhancing end-to-end performance of GNSS road pricing and other road applications, particularly accuracy, availability and integrity to provide service guarantee·A theoretical analysis of the benefits of GNSS signal authentication·Understanding of service provision aspects·Assessment of the impact of RUC in congestion and pollutionGINA project intends to address the obstacles for a large scale take off of GNSS-based road applications and bring them a step closer to maturity.

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