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'Integrated Training Programme for Analysis, Assessment and Advice on EU External Action and its Institutional Architecture'

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The Initial Training Network “Integrated Training Programme for Analysis, Assessment and Advice on EU´s External Action and its Institutional Architecture” (EXACT) aims at preparing 12 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) for professional and academic careers in universities as well as in the public and private sector in academically based consulting for policy makers. The training network focuses its research on major current and future challenges of the EU in the fields of Commercial Policy, Common Foreign and Security Policy, Common European Defence Policy and Development Cooperation (e.g. EU crisis management in Georgia). The training provided through EXACT intends to bridge the gap between Ph.D. training within the academic world on the one hand and the “down-to-earth” need of potential employers in consulting or advisory circles on the other. Therefore, the project pursues an integrated two track curriculum that involves three universities and six think tanks: The scientific track concentrates on academic training leading to a Ph.D. degree, track II focuses on the training of professional skills. Given the growing market for academically trained EU experts in both public and private sectors, the integrated curriculum develops a triple “A” catalogue of skills: theory-led Analysis and Assessment of potential future scenarios in the field of EU’s external action and Advice for strategies. The early stage researchers will attend a 36 month training programme including local and network-wide activities (e.g. individual research projects and Network Seminars) provided by universities and think tanks in the network. The early stage researchers will be given the opportunity to obtain a double PhD degree („co-tutelle”) from two participating universities as well as the EXACT Certificate issued by all participating organisations.

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