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Images of Organized Sex: The Pornography Industry in India and Sweden

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The aim of the project is to inquire into the gendered commercial-industrial bases of pornography within the dynamics of transnationalisation and to critically examine the regulatory policies that pertain to it. Despite the size and influence of the industry, there is little research and information available on its commercial-industrial aspects. Research will be carried out in India and Sweden, both welfare states with pro-abolitionist stands on commercial sex-work. Both governments are concerned with systemic and sexualised violence against women and children. Both are concerned with the spread of the industry and the impact of new technologies of convergence on it. Yet while Sweden does not practice censorship by and large, India has a large, active and complex censorship regime. The research will draw on postcolonial feminist political economy approaches. Over 24 months, the project will undertake a comparative study of the porn industries of both countries. It will 1. Carry out fieldwork in both countries; 2. track networks of commercial-industrial relationships; 3. examine all pertinent legislation and policies; 4. analyse the ways in which patriarchy and technology impact on and structure the phenomenon of porn; 5. Disseminate findings through diverse methods throughout the project period. The anticipated impacts of the project are 1. The reconceptualisation of porn as a set of representational practices that are inseparable from the conditions of their production. 2. To draw attention to the many and varied stakes in maintaining the porn industry 3. To broach a debate on the vast Indian porn industry. 4. To make the Nordic debates and the Swedish case available to a larger intellectual community. 5. A strengthened collaboration between EU and India especially on issues of gender-equity and justice. 6. To provide information for policy-makers.

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