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Rethinking Eastern European Cinema in a Post-Cold War Ideological Framework

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EASTFILM aims to rethink the cinema of Eastern Europe in a revised theoretical framework and promote the values of this cinema locally and internationally. The project seeks to achieve its goal by focusing on three objectives: 1. The publication of a scholarly book on Eastern European cinema with a prestigious international press. 2. The incorporation of courses in Eastern European film into UVT’s curriculum. 3. The establishment of an Eastern European Film and Media Center within UVT. 1. Book Project: Orphans of the East "Orphans of the East: Cinema and the Production of Eastern Europe’s Revolutionary Subject" is envisioned as an attempt to recuperate the values of Eastern European film and political culture for an English-language readership. It is a scholarly project in film and intellectual history, aiming to rethink the politics of this region’s cinema in a post-Cold War theoretical context. 2. I plan to introduce three classes in Eastern European cinema into three of UVT’s programs: the Masters Program in Regional Journalism, the Bachelor Program in Cultural Studies, and the Bachelor Program in International Relations. The classes will focus on various periods/regions/topics in Eastern European film. 3. The Eastern European Film and Media Center is envisioned as a collection of relevant fiction and documentary films, and film-studies literature from or about Eastern Europe. It will function as a local reference center for students and scholars interested in Eastern European cinema and culture. Relevance Besides contributing to the rethinking of Eastern European cinema on a regional and international level, the fulfillment of this project will help me establish myself as a film-studies scholar and enrich my host university’s curriculum. The Film and Media Center will support UVT’s goal to position itself as a euroregional university and as an interface between the cultures of East and Central Europe.

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