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Support to Precursor SSA Services

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The European Union Satellite Centre (EUSC) is proposing its expertise in handling, analysing and disseminating data and derived products within the highest security standards and mission critical cycles to contribute through the SPA (Support to Precursor SSA services) study to the technical definition of Space Situational Awareness (SSA) services and to participate to the validation of critical precursor SSA services:•Satellite conjunction warning;•Satellite over-flight alerts;•and Space debris re-entry prediction.In order to perform the SPA study, the EUSC proposes to host at a class II security area within its already existing premises a copy of a SSA system to be developed by the European Space Agency (ESA). The EUSC could be tested as a hub to exchange secure information with SSAs’ stakeholders, testing possible technical implementation models of the governance / data policy to be developed by the European Union (EU) and ESA.The final output of the SPA supporting action will be a study report summarising the gained knowledge, including lessons learned, on SSA during the execution of the SPA study and recommendations in view of further development of SSA in Europe, particularly on the technical aspects of its Governance and Data Policy.SSA refers to the knowledge of location and function of space objects and space environment, including operational satellite, space debris, near earth objects and space weather. The development of a European system will underpin the exploitation of space assets, a key capability contributing to autonomous access to space for the EU (as requested by the European Space Policy, drawing on existing capabilities and infrastructures at national as well as European level).

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