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The primary objective of this project is the development of an innovative hardware and software solution for the rapid scanning and 3D reconstruction of objects. The system will address the complexities and problems associated with the data acquisition, processing and reconstruction of objects situated underwater. The development of such a system will enhance the techniques available to underwater archaeologists and exploration groups in general, since it will significantly accelerate the documentation and mapping process. More importantly, the goals of the project will advance and directly promote the underwater exploration industry in Cyprus which is currently limited to small and ill-equipped archaeological exploration groups.Moreover, the project aims at promoting collaboration among research organizations and public-benefit organizations in order to produce an innovative product. The collaboration between the UCY and private archaeological institutions specializing in underwater explorations will combine the technological expertise with the experience of working underwater and will produce significant new advancements in the area in terms of both knowledge and technology. This collaboration will set the foundation for further cooperation between the two disciplines which will play a significant role into the development of both sciences. Furthermore, the dissemination of the project’s results to international scientific communities will place Cyprus among the countries that demonstrate noteworthy activity on both disciplines involved. The project will provide a useful tool for both training new scientists, as well as informing the wider public on underwater archaeology.

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