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"The purpose of the requested Marie Curie IRG is to assist Dr. Bratislav Stankovic in his permanent professional reintegration into his native country, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). Dr. Stankovic has spent 19 years in the USA as a researcher, scholar, educator, and law practitioner, acquiring professional experience in both the academic and private sectors. He recently accepted employment as a full-time faculty member at the University American College (UACS) in Skopje. The award of an IRG should assist Dr. Stankovic to share in his native country his knowledge and expertise in intellectual property (IP) rights, technology transfer (TT), science, and socio-economic development.He has already developed expertise and track record in IP law, technology and knowledge transfer, both as a scholar and as a law practitioner, working for one of the largest IP law firms in the USA. He is keenly aware of the global developments in IP law and TT. An award of an IRG would be instrumental in supporting his efforts to create an interdisciplinary Center (CIPTT) intended to promote a strategic focus on innovation in, and development of, various industries - and to enhance commercialization of research. The long-term goal of this effort relates to promotion and enablement of innovation, intellectual asset management, fostering the creation of new technologies, tools, SMEs, and paradigms in the FYROM.The CIPTT will have a strong intersectoral aspect, bringing together experts from diverse areas such as law, economics, science, business, and education, thus combining a unique set of partner skills.The establishment of the Center will be an incremental yet important step in the positioning of FYROM as a place of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth built upon an economy in which knowledge and innovation are the primary tools, where development stems from brains rather than brawn or materials (in line with EC’s ""Europe 2020: a new economic strategy"")."

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