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The DECIPHER Project (Distributed European Community Individual Patient Healthcare Electronic Record)

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The overarching objective of the DECIPHER Project is to enable secure cross-border mobile access to existing patient healthcare portals which are individually supported by national (governmental) bodies. DECIPHER will deploy Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP) to create step-change innovations in mobile patient ICTs. Using electronic patient records as the key enabling technology, this joint PCP will create technology-led service transformation in cross-border mobile healthcare, delivering significant benefits to patients and healthcare organisations. The Consortium consists of three leading commissioning authorities: ESTAV Centro (Italy), TicSalut (Spain/Catalonia) and CMFT (UK). A single, joint PCP activity will be issued. Suppliers will be challenged to build on outputs from epSOS, CALLIOPE, and LOD2, and advances in mobile technology. Experts from Greece, France, Finland, UK, Sweden and Ireland will provide support.<br/>DECIPHER will generate a portfolio of interoperable applications, deployed on a pan-European platform. This resource will improve existing healthcare services by supporting mobility of patients and healthcare providers. From anywhere in the EU, a patient will be able to use a secure mobile device safely to gain 24/7 access to their prescription data, emergency data, examination results and other health information. To take this opportunity forward, the Consortium has put in place a well-defined Programme Plan. When implemented, the plan will: 1) mobilise the Consortium partners; 2) engage citizens, healthcare professionals, and industry; 3) leverage currently unconnected assets to create new and transformational innovations; 4) deliver step-change improvements to public services; and, 5) contribute to job and wealth creation in Europe. A detailed Dissemination Plan is in place to ensure key stakeholders (e.g. industry, PCP policy and commissioning authorities) are informed and encouraged to engage with DECIPHER.<br/>***************************************************************Project periods and milestones are updated taking as a fact that the project suspension duration is 12 months***************************************************************'

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