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Investigating Networks of Zoonosis Innovation

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INZI aims to analyse the complex interplay of actors, policies and projects that have shaped research into and control of Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) until the present day. Research has mainly been steered from outside of Africa, firstly by colonial authorities and latterly by an array of agencies, foundations and international organisations. Despite this, investment in research and control measures has declined and fragmented across Africa. This project seeks to examine, in proper historical context and from a systematic perspective, the evolution of Africa’s HAT research apparatus, to gain insight into the relationship between science and development, and build our understanding of how science can work better for development.INZI will generate a panoptic, integrated analysis of the evolving HAT global assemblage in order to extend our knowledge of 1) The evolving relationship between the organisation of science and the development of material technologies in developing country contexts; 2) The relationship between policy and practice in mediating particular scientific and technological trajectories; and 3) The nature of innovation, what it means in a developing country context, and how it may be promoted. This will significantly advance our understanding of how science is practiced in developing countries, how technologies emerge, and ultimately how science and technological innovation can be organised to ensure development is transformational, not unobtainable.Empirical research will be focused around five ‘research strands’ that each reflects a key modality or dimension of HAT research and control. These strands are: 1) Institutions; 2) Markets; 3) Partnerships; 4) Systems, and 5) Locations. Alongside the development of these five research strands, and in constant interaction with them, a series of connective analytical activities will be designed to truly integrate analysis of ‘micro-level processes’ and ‘macro-structures and forces’.

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