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Reception and Integration of Muslims in France, Quebec and English Canada

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This project compares the experiences of Muslim minorities in three contexts: France, Quebec, and English Canada. The objective is to assess the extent of integration of Muslim minorities in each setting, to identify key similarities and differences, to find the most important reasons for any differences, and to relate findings to previous research and public discourse in each setting. The three-way comparison helps illuminate a number of issues of significance to current debates on immigration and multiculturalism, including the role of public attitudes, national integration ‘models’ and advantages of traditional ‘nations of immigration’ over recent European experience, and language and culture. The theoretical framework takes account of four sets of factors: minority characteristics, mainstream attitudes and debates, institutional structures, and public policies, and draws upon inter-disciplinary perspectives. Both quantitative and qualitative data are used. On the quantitative side, for France the new government-mandated “Trajectories and Origins” (TeO) survey conducted in 2009 (over 21000 interviews) overcomes many limitations in existing statistics for identification of ethnic minorities. The comparable Canadian source is the monumental “Ethnic Diversity Survey” conducted in 2002 by Statistics Canada (over 42000 interviews). Excellent collaboration is available in use of the French data; I have already published a major book on the Canadian data. The project also will conduct a series of specially designed focus-group sessions involving structured encounters between Muslims and non-Muslims conducted in Paris, Montreal and Toronto. The project will be facilitated by CADIS in Paris where I build on a strong institutional foundation. It will produce a major book to be submitted to the MacMillan Palgrave series on migration, and papers for international conferences. A conference and workshop also will be held.

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