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Hospitality vs Hatred of the Other: A Study of Welcoming versus Prejudiced Representations of Otherness in Britain and Poland

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The objective of this project is to complete my research into prejudiced representations of the Other (hostility) vs cultural initiatives to create welcoming representations (hospitality) in Britain and Poland. There are significant differences in the approaches to the Other between and within the two countries of the European Union. My study will examine the representations of Jews, Roma, Muslims and other national, ethnic and religious minorities, the LGBT community, refugees and other immigrants, people with disabilities, the economically excluded as alienated in the UK and Poland. Because of the abortion ban, women are among the most vulnerable in Poland and are, therefore, the Beauvoirean Other in this country. A variety of prejudices converge on the ‘Others’ who are devoid of subjectivity and visibility. Therefore, it is important to examine the problematics of alterity and visibility alike, in order to empower the excluded. My research project aims to examine the phobias directed at supposed strangers and attempts to fight this intolerance as an opposition is strengthening against the prejudiced perceptions.This project examines linkages among sexism, anti-Semitism and other phobias – and, above all, opposition to them. It focuses on the picture of the Other when Europe is witnessing the rise of an uncivil society with its sexist, racist, anti-Semitic, homo- and xenophobic as well as Islamophobic ideology and iconography. This project explores the ideas and images of the Other produced by the far right, as well as initiatives that oppose them in a civil society: political philosophy and visual culture. An impact of this action is to maximise my contribution to society through a diagnosis of the cultural representations to the Other and recommendations to adopt an ethics of hospitality (according to Jacques Derrida ethics, culture and hospitality are synonymous). This advanced training will also enhance my competence diversification.

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