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Environmental Acclimation of Photosynthesis

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AccliPhot is an interdisciplinary, intersectorial research andtraining network devoted to study photosynthetic acclimation processesin plants and algae. We will train 13 early-stage researchers (ESRs)and 1 experienced researcher (ER) in cutting-edge experimentaltechnologies, modern modelling approaches, industrial applications anda wide spectrum of complementary and industry-relevant skills. In theframe of our research goal to obtain a systems-wide understanding ofphotosynthetic acclimation processes and their consequences at theorganism and population levels, individual research projects andtargeted secondments will expose the ESRs to intense interdisciplinarycollaborations wielding complementary experimental and theoreticalapproaches to study photosynthetic acclimation across various scalesof biological organisation. Projects will investigate signallingpathways that respond to environmental changes, electron transportchain activity, photosynthetic metabolism and growth of plants andalgal populations using four organisms. Fundamental researchuncovering novel mechanisms will be performed in Arabidopsis andChlamydomonas. New knowledge will be applied to the diatomPhaeodactylum tricornutum, which will be subject to industrialresearch for the biotechnological production of biofuels. Withcomplementary competences acquired in specialised workshops, the ESRstrained in our network will emerge as highly qualified scientistsexperienced in interdisciplinary collaborations. Exposure to researchin the private sector and training in an industrial environment willstimulate their creativity and enhance their entrepreneurial spirit,thus optimising their perspectives on the European job market inacademia, industry and beyond. Our research activities will have along-term impact supporting the optimisation of crop productivity andthe development of cost-effective strategies for algal biofuelproduction.

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