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Remote Estimating Vegetation Health

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"With the current trends of climate change associated with human-induced changes in the amount and composition of atmospheric greenhouse gases, never before has it been so important to understand the spatio-temporal patterns of carbon sequestration through vegetation productivity. Quantifying pigment content, which is a main factor influencing the amount of radiation absorbed by photosynthetically active vegetation and a very direct expression of the photosynthetic apparatus of the plant kingdom, strongly relating to productivity, is one of the main scientific component of vegetation health monitoring. Developing methods to quantify pigment content and composition from remotely sensed data would clearly provide a capability that could advance understanding of photosynthetic processes and insight into detection and monitoring of vegetation condition - health and vigor. Monitoring plant physiological status via measuring reflectance offers a number of distinct advantages over traditional destructive approaches. The most important are simplicity, sensitivity, reliability a high throughput and global coverage. Overall goal of the project is to develop a prototype ""Satellite-based Vegetation Pigment Product"" that will accurately estimate pigment content and composition in vegetation and will be easy to implement. Specifically, we will (a) develop non-destructive techniques for estimating pigment contents at the leaf level, for calibration and validation of satellite-based retrievals; (b) devise remote sensing techniques for estimating the total pigment content and composition at the canopy level; and (c) apply developed techniques to the satellite data and assess uncertainties of the pigment content estimation. The European Space Agency is developing new missions called Sentinels specifically for the operational needs of the “Global Monitoring for Environment and Security” program. Models developed recently in my lab, which are able accurate determination of main vegetat"

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