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All the Goods of the Earth: Making and Marketing in the Pre-Mongol Islamic World

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The interdisciplinary Goods of the Earth project explores the process of making of textiles, ceramics and metalwork within the pre-Mongol marketplace in the Islamic world (750 – 1258 CE). This study, the first of its kind, analyses and compares written Islamic legal sources like the Hisba-manuals together with extant artifacts to highlight the transfer of technical craft knowledge and information between Baghdad – the capital of the Abbasid Empire – and al-Andalus – the cultural omphalos within the western Islamic world – as well as the social role of the artisan-craftsman and the organisation and division of labour within the pre-Mongol marketplaces. Exploring the pre-Mongol marketplace, its products and artisan-craftsmen will gather new information concerning the transfer of knowledge and will enable new discussion of art and craft in the field of Art History, Islamic Art History, Arab philological Studies, political and social history, the History of Science and Textile History. Furthermore, this project will show the importance of the applied Arts for the field of Art History. The Goods of the Earth project is hosted by the University of Copenhagen’s Centre for Textile Research (CTR), a world-wide leader in the field of textile studies. The project will benefit from CTR’s optimal research and training environment while contributing to the expansion of its global scientific network. The secondment institution will be the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) in Berlin with its Department III (Artifacts, Action, Knowledge) famous for their broad and interdisciplinary methodological approaches in order to understand the changing role of artifacts in the creation, diffusion and use of scientific and technological knowledge. The results will be communicated through a series of academic publications and conferences, as well as Project Open Day (European Researcher Night) for students and the general public in order to give them an understanding.

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