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Developing written understanding in English with the Alfy




Summer of numéro:http://archive-edutice.ccsd.cnrs.fr/edutice-00000881 The LV1 Baccalaureate tests in the ES, S and L sections in their current form require a written understanding skill that many students in the high school have not mastered. What can be done to relaunch motivation and to give the tools that will help pupils to penetrate texts whose precise meaning is beyond them, and it is no longer necessary to demonstrate that the activities carried out in the EAO give rise to a great deal of motivation. The interest created by the use of educational informatics may make it possible to deal with texts which might have appeared to the pupil at first glance, in a usual classroom context, that is to say, based on the use of a manual. Both the learning context and the specific tool used here seem to us to be revealing and generating success. The examples of use of the ALFY software that we will suggest in the future go in this direction.

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