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Nothing establishes “destruction” as a continual evil as much as Krikor Beledian’s poem “Տեղագրութիւն Քանդուող Քաղաքի Մը Համար” (Topography of a Destroyed City), which was inspired by the devastation in Beirut in 1975 and draw parallels to the catastrophe in 1915. It seems as if the destruction occurring in different periods and in different geographical locations has never served as an example to put an end to evil once and for all.Consequently, the categories of atrocity, violence, killing, crime, and evil have been incorporated into the work as an ongoing and recurring phenomenon without a cure. It is possible to say that “Տեղագրութիւն Քանդուող Քաղաքի Մը Համար” is a contemporary epic that builds a monument to destruction in order to say that “violence” itself is “nothing.” On the other hand, starting to once again speak the language muted by catastrophe exposes the event, the catastrophe.

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