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The research proposes to address the social, religious and aesthetic impact of African Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in European cities and societies shaped by Catholicism. This approach is applied to the case study of Nigerian and Ghanaian churches in Italy where the Catholic Church plays roles in social and symbolic domination. Using an innovative and creative multidisciplinary approach draw from religious and visual and multimedia studies, the research examines the African Pentecostals sacred spaces, images, objects, and rituals meant to communicate religious messages and spiritual power and redefine the embodied nature of urban religious experiences in European cities and societies. The aim is to look at how regimes of emotions and sensations led by African Pentecostal and Charismatic churches transform urban spaces into cities of spiritual warfare. The research analyzes how African Pentecostals engage their missionary agenda of salvations and redemption in the European lands dominated by the Catholic Church and what are the strategies deployed to negotiate their role as new socio-religious actors. Furthermore, the study examines the African Pentecostals’ gender and body politics including the emerging role of African women pastor and their attitude toward issues such as patriarchy, leadership, body and sexuality. The study culminates, among other deliverables such as scientific articles and a book, in a multimedia archive to disseminate the outcomes of the project through a innovative digital media. The project creates permanent and stable multimedia records so that research materials of historic, cultural and social interest can be maintained for the benefit of the future generations of scholars.The expected outcome of this project is to provide knowledge and understanding of the culture, religion and systems of belief of new European socio-religious actors and to equip European scholars of innovative multidisciplinary competences and skills.

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