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Innovative, Highly Efficient Road Surface Measurement and Control System

GoTriple's project summary

One of the most important aims in today’s transport systems is the security they provide. Even-though in air and rail transports we have managed to have extremely low accident and death rates this is not the case with road transport. The majority of the EU countries are now heading towards “the Vision Zero philosophy” in which road deaths become as unacceptable as they are in a factory, in the air or on a railway. However in order to reach this aim several improvements are needed in numerous area including cars, drivers and roads.The HERMES project aims at improving this last factor, the road, by proposing a novel road quality measurement solution based on a pioneering approach. The proposed system enables, for the first time, measurements of both the longitudinal and transversal profiles of a road to be simultaneously undertaken from a specially equipped vehicle travelling at normal road speeds and at a low infrastructure cost. This approach represents a significant advancement in the state of the art by eliminating the requirement for an inertial reference level whilst, additionally, improving accuracy of measurements by providing a solution for resolving errors otherwise resulting from the dynamics of a moving vehicle, Moreover, within HERMES the road profile measurements will be integrated with their precise geographical location while an innovative toolset for data analysis will be developed so as to allow the efficient processing of the huge amounts of data collected by the HERMES vehicles.In general, HERMES augments the traditional road roughness indices by additionally identifying and pinpointing locations requiring urgent repair to result in improved safety for road users, while those locations can be identified with very high accuracy, low-cost and at normal road speeds.This latter is very important since in large countries the national road network requires the measuring and maintenance of thousands of kilometers per year.

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