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The artistic renewal of Mexican cinema



ID: <10.4000/cinelatino.1562>·DOI: <10.4000/cinelatino.1562>


These storms, Mexican cinema is seeing an increase in its production of films from year to year. Yet young filmmakers face great difficulties in distributing their works. Fiscal measures promoting investment in new productions and the visibility of many filmmakers in festivals could not remedy this. As long as there is no legal framework to protect the film creations from the overwhelming competition from super-productions in the US that inundate the market, the work of film-makers will only be able to vote. Not being able to see their films in the poster long enough to expect to find themselves financially, creators are forced to resort to scattered entertainment or agreed narratives. If, on the contrary, they risk diversifying their funding and distribution strategies, through co-productions, using the much cheaper digital format and innovative distribution networks, they achieve results which, in addition to being original, are much more rewarding. This is the case for a handful of young filmmakers who turn their backs to commercial cinema and accept the current challenge of cultural resistance in the cinema they produce.

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